Inventor Updates His Most Popular Ebook

Boise, Idaho, February 5th, 2014

The inventor Tim Benedict is happy to announce the release of the next version of the easy to read, all inclusive ebook that details as much research as he could document, for a total of over 170 different tips, products, and technologies that people can do to their vehicles in order to get better gas mileage, clean up their vehicle emissions and even give their horsepower a boost.

This updated edition divides most of its information into five key areas of possible vehicle modification, to improve mileage. Since Tim figured that no one would complain about getting better gas mileage, he wrote it all down for us, since he also figured that not everyone really thinks it is possible, nor do they understand how to make it happen in the same way he does.

He also noted that when most people actually do try to make something happen for themselves, they usually just focus on simple things, without ever really addressing the whole picture. Sure, focusing on just one engine improvement at a time will get some marginal results, but it’s not until you address all five areas of potential that people start getting truly impressive mileage gains, according to Tim. That’s why he decided to update his popular ebook once again, the one he originally released clear back in 2008 as a short, basic little ebook  entitled ’26 Tips to Getting up to 50% Better Gas Mileage’. The current, newly updated version, now easily over 100+ pages in length, is simply called ‘Over 170 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage.’

By looking at the problem from a “big-picture point of view”, and simultaneously addressing all five sides of the getting-better-gas-mileage equation, Tim insists that it is easy for anyone to improve the mileage in almost any combustion engine out there, from diesels to gassers. That’s what he insists that  he wants to show us.

What are these five items? By focusing time and attention on 1. The Driver Factor, 2. The Mechanics of the Car Itself, 3. The Intake Air, 4. The Fuel Going In, and 5. The Exhaust System, someone using this book could design and implement a gas mileage improvement system that really kicks tail. Apparently, using this approach, Tim is aware  of a number of people who have actually doubled their mileage (or more), and cut their monthly gas bill by half.

So if you want to know more, and find out how to improve the gas mileage of your own vehicles, you can get the latest edition of this in-depth ebook over at, written by the inventor Tim Benedict.

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